Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Jillian had her first play date at another baby's house. A friend of mine, Melissa, who I knew in high school and recently reconnected with invited us over. Her daughter Sadie is older than Jillian, but the babies didn't mind. Jillian loved playing in the play room and sharing Sadie's toys! And after lunch, the girls got to play in the baby pool. Jillian loves the water, but needs to work on stability on her butt before she can really have too much fun. She played with mommy periodically catching her, sucked on the side of the pool for a bit, and then took a header onto the deck. No actual injuries to report, and all was fine after a little hugging. Needless to say this was an exciting day, and the picture above is Jillian after the play date.


Carlson Family said...

What an awesome pool and cute matching swimsuits! I can't wait to start the Mommy & Me swim lessons!

Emily said...

oh sleeping on the couch... that picture melts my heart! I love it!