Friday, July 18, 2008


Of course today had many photo ops, Jillian eating pears, Jillian sitting in a booster seat at the restaurant, the International Space Station passing overhead tonight, etc. But alas, I only had the video camera at the restaurant, and didn't feel like getting out a tripod for the night pics. So the ISS did pass over this evening, at 9:48pm as promised. And it was quite visible, though not actually near Jupiter as indicated. It was very cool - tax dollars at work! The mosquito bites (all six of them), not as cool.

After we got back from just up the street, Jillian woke up. This is her pretending to be not sleepy and playing with her binkie. Now that she can get it in her mouth easily, she loves showing off her new skill. She is always pulling it out and playing with it, switching from hand to hand, and putting it back in her mouth. She really thinks she's hot stuff now.


Carlson Family said...

What a cutie! Isn't it great when they can put their own binkie in?!! That was a big turning point in our house - I now leave several in her crib so she can find them during the night.

Anonymous said...

like that but naked sweetie, let me gently rub it for you I LOVE how baby pussy feels